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Complete professionalism – complex and work-intensive

Logistical requirements grow along with the size of the passenger transport task at hand. Irregardless of whether we are on the road undertaking a major contract in the name of Berlin Bus Company or Berlin Limousine Service or as a private chauffeur in Berlin.

That can mean, for example:

  • Professionally solving core logistics tasks (see below)
  • Optimally considering the individual criteria of the client
    (e.g. increased need for security)
  • Planning for specific temporary conditions/particularities in the surrounding area
    (e.g. traffic restrictions)
  • Taking personal aspects of passengers seriously (e.g. occupational status)
  • Taking into account external time factors (e.g. Berlin airport transfers: arrival and departure times)

Briefly, Wunderwald's six rules of logistics

We would have liked to describe our entrepreneurial task in the field to logistics to you personally and extensively. Since this turned out longer than was appropriate here, we decided to keep it short and sweet.

Going by the ‛6 Rs of logistics’, it is our job to:

‟deliver the right amount of the right vehicles to the right place at the right time in the right quality at the right price.”*
(*see Reinhard Jünemann, 1989)

That depends, naturally, on the types of your clients and your objectives.

LBC Berlin: Professional logistics for your transportation needs

From Berlin shuttles to Berlin airport transfers: if you wish to delegate the logistics of your job completely worry-free, you can expect from us the following full package:

  • Discussion in the run-up of the measures planned
  • Planning, organising, supervising, undertaking and monitoring the job
  • Ensuring all necessary communications streams
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