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Wunderwald Berlin City Tours: Organised for you individually

Berlin would not be Berlin, if there were not so many remarkable things to see and do. If you would like to experience something very special here, trust our proven, private sightseeing tour concept and our particular Wunderwald insider knowledge for your tour group.

Since everything coming from one source flows more smoothly, we will plan, organise and carry out your personal city tour just the way you like:

  • whenever you desire
  • as a private group of 2-70 persons (you determine the number of participants)
  • from start to finish (including your choice of stops along the way)

Wunderwald Berlin Tours: With passion instead of panic

Do you have great expectations for a couple of beautiful days in the capital? Would you like to enjoy those hours in a relaxed way? Would you like to optimally fill your precious time? Do you have an individualised concept of your stay in mind?

Then we would be happy to actively support you in that. Your trust spurs us on to accomplish something memorable for you. With whole-hearted personal commitment. With our creativity, our quality of service and the wide spectrum of our themed tours. With the tranquility you long for in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city life. And with a passion for your preferences that in the end will make you happy.

Wunderwald Berlin Guided Tours: More for you all around

Do you prefer to feel accompanied rather than transported? To leave the planning to others, instead of figuring it out on your own? Do you expect more for your money? Then look forward to your ‘Wunderwald Tour’:

  • amongst friends instead of strangers (no hop-on, hop-off!)
  • very attractively priced
  • fondly conceived by insiders
  • accompanied by experienced, dedicated Berlin tour guides (multilingual, included in the price)
  • rich in the choice of themes (or according to your personal wishes)
  • length of time and route can be changed individually (you decide)
  • for business or pleasure
  • for small to large groups (or even for just one person/limousines)
  • from the idea to its execution

Wunderwald Berlin Sightseeing: Marvel more marvellously on a VIP level

If despite changing traffic and weather conditions, you are hoping for a clear outlook with absolute comfort, take a ride with us. From E-Class to minivan or panoramic bus: Mercedes-Benz, leather-upholstered, optimally air conditioned, and glare-free sun protection. Not only will you see great all around, but you will feel great all around, too.


Are you not yet sure what your heart desires? Then we will be happy to give you a little taste in anticipation on the spot:

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Short & diverse: Your ways to Wunderwald

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