Using Berlin limousine service? Hiring a bus in Berlin?

Anyone is mistaken who thinks that scheduling extensive vehicle usage is like directing a tame queue of vehicles. Our experience shows that it is so much more than that for you and your company: it's about time, your money and your reputation.

We know what we are talking about. Our company has been scheduling successfully for more than 25 years. If you are looking for practised pros for passenger transport, then we can provide you security, through our office or on-site, in the scheduling of drivers, vehicles and vehicle usage, derived 100% from our proven know-how and solid experience.

It is only because of that that we can trust ourselves to take on major tasks, for those are what are needed in order to grow year after year. A quarter of a century has given us a lot of scope. Anyone who has started out with just one vehicle and who today can look out on a full fleet has, without a doubt, excelled themselves.

Even 250 vehicles and more can't get us worked up

It doesn't matter to what extent you wish to organise a Berlin airport transfer or a Berlin shuttle service: our chaffeurs will bring your guests to their destination safe and sound.

Put your transport job in our hands and we

  • will handle the organisational details
  • take your performance requirements completely into consideration
  • schedule the necessary resources (vehicles, chauffeurs)
  • coordinate the use of people and vehicles amongst themselves
  • work out detailed timetables
  • prepare a watertight budget
  • respond to the individual wishes of your guests
  • take charge on-site
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