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In answer to the question “What is the best for our clients?”, a white Mercedes marked the start of our company history as Berlin Limousine Service.

A brand of vehicle, whose prestige, like no other, is a model of safety, reliability and quality – which symbolises our company's core values up to today.

Limousines and chauffeurs for upscale requirements and occasions

That beginning full of hope has since developed into a fleet: all limousines are Mercedes-Benz, none older than three years, making them state-of-the-art in driving comfort, technology and environmental friendliness.

Our current palette is noble, elegant and black as night – and it's our pleasure to provide a chauffeur at any time. Tailored to resellers, commercial enterprises, public institutions and all who take pride in themselves and their guests.

From limousine service to VIP bus

The first bus was our answer to the changing needs in the city and its acquisition marked the second milestone in our company history.

With Berlin's change in status from a divided city to a political, media, cultural and tourism metropolis, the need arose for exclusive vehicles to handle larger groups of people.

Correspondingly, our luxurious, black Mercedes-Benz VIP busses today are on the road for any occasion from shuttles in Berlin to official receptions to high-profile events in the capital, trade shows and conventions.

A family-run company in its second generation

“Always give the best.” That resolution, like no other, characterises the success of our company. It states the goal of our core mandate to transport. But most of all, it describes our respectful handling of the expectations, the needs and wants of those we transport who are so important to us.

We are ready to deliver more than the ordinary. Quietly and discreetly. Chauffeurs and tour guides with a vast amount of experience, trained travel management assistants and a bus company certified by the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce are what the high standards of our work are built upon. As a family in its second generation, today we are working together on its further development.

Wunderwald LBC – an institution in Berlin

It personally fills us with pride that from the time of its founding, our company ‘Wunderwald – Limousine Bus Chauffeur’ has been able to distinguish itself through the quality of its service – today that stands for the exclusive, professional transport of people both within the German capital and beyond its boundaries.

We would particularly like to thank our clients for the trust they have put in us over the years. That rewards our efforts and gives us confidence for the future.

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