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Your VIP bus company and limousine service in Berlin

Our company philosophy: Bear responsibility

We transport people. That says it all about the responsibility that we bear.

For LBC Berlin, ‛bear responsibility’ means:

  • Bringing every passenger punctually and safely to his destination. From the limousine to the Berlin shuttle bus.
  • Being an employer and supplier, who is consciously aware of his role and his duties and  who is always upright and who acts with foresight.
  • Having employees who are loyally committed to both our company and each of our clients and who feel attached to them.
  • Using vehicles that are not only economical and of the utmost comfort, but that are also the most environmentally friendly. To constantly update our fleet (guaranteed exchange of the limousines every 30 months, of the busses and coaches every four years).

Our staff philosophy: Chauffeuring as a calling

Whoever takes to the wheel in our company, doesn't take it lightly.

Our employees have a flawless reputation and are qualified and experienced. We choose them carefully, train them continuously and sensitise them constantly to the steadily growing demands of our clients. At LBC Berlin, we thus create the conditions for the cultivated manner of dealing at all times with our contractors, clients and assets.

Each of our chauffeurs practises his profession with passion. His personality, his well-groomed appearance and his exemplary understanding of service guarantees the satisfaction of our clients and the good reputation of our company.

A sense of responsiblity, empathy, anticipation, discretion and reliability characterise his professional attitude.

Our vehicle philosophy: Drive environmentally friendly

LBC Berlin is an environmentally conscious company with environmentally conscious clients.

Since because of that we make mobility as exemplary and sustainable as possible, our fleet includes only vehicles that today already incorporate the latest environmentally-friendly technologies of tomorrow:

  • Limousines: BlueEFFICIENCY technology (sustainability through the use of innovative catalytic converters and engines)
  • Busses: AdBlue technology (sustainability through a new reagent. Converts dangerous nitrogen oxides into environmentally friendly nitrogen and water – through injection into a special catalytic converter)

With Berlin Transport Services, there is something for everyone – the environment, the city and its people: lower fuel consumption, fewer pollutants, quieter engines.

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