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In road traffic, human error or technical breakdown can never by completely ruled out. And yet, we feel responsible for reducing errors and failures of that kind to a minimum right from the start.

Would you like to hire a limousine in Berlin? Or a bus in Berlin?

Anything we can do for you with regard to safety, we'll be more than happy to oblige. At every level in our organisation. From Berlin Transport Services to Berlin Transfers. Willingly and at a level higher than that prescribed by law.

The result is our LBC safety package with its three modules ‘passenger safety’, ‘driving safety’ and ‘vehicle safety’. Buckled up, this gives our clients, our staff and all those we encounter on the road the greatest amount of safety.

This is responsibility as we see it:

LBC safety module: ‘Passenger safety’

In passenger transport, ‘safety’ is based on many aspects. We would like to draw your eye to a few points that we give our greatest attention.

  • Faultless communication between the company and drivers, drivers and passengers, tested for critical situations, too
  • Constant availability of the switchboard and driver
  • Use of a modern tracking system for a just-in-time overview of the location of all vehicles in use
  • Raising awareness of age and health-related handicaps, driver's assistance to the disabled for entering and exiting the vehicle

LBC safety module: ‘Driving safety’

In Germany, traffic safety on all roads for all road users has been an important topic for several decades. Since 1975, the German Road Safety Council (DVR) oversees the standards for safety training, adapting them to the latest state of developments.

As a company involved in passenger transport, we accept and support these standards unconditionally, making them our own for safe driving.

Our drivers regularly undergo DVR safety training. They learn:

  • To recognise traffic dangers in time and avoid them by driving with foresight
  • To maintain control of the vehicle in critical situations
  • New things to know about advances in modern automotive technology

LBC safety module: ‘vehicle safety’

That we also place the greatest amount of safety possible in our vehicles is shown by

  • the constant updating of our fleet (guaranteed exchange of the limousines every 30 months, of the busses every four years) as well as
  • our decision to go exclusively for the premium manufacturer Mercedes-Benz.

Its integral safety concept for automobile safety is undisputedly of the highest level. A concept we are convinced of and whose state-of-the-art safety technologies we have provided in our vehicles for your protection:

“There is hardly any other area that spurs the engineers of Mercedes-Benz on to such peak performance as research into new safety technologies. Already in the 1950s, they laid the first milestone for outstanding protection – the passenger safety cell, an invention by Béla Barényi.

Today it is just one of many components of the integral safety concept that bring Mercedes-Benz vehicles closer to the vision of accident-free driving.”

(Source: Mercedes Benz)

If you would like to see how safely you can ride with us thanks to Mercedes-Benz, please contact us here: : Mercedes Benz – Safety

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