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Would you like to hire a private personal protection specialist?

Are you held in high esteem? Does your degree of fame rob you of your privacy? Are you seeking protection from danger? Would you like to have a bit of breathing room in the midst of the throng?

Then a good decision – and the right one – is to rely on the effect and power of professional personal protection services.

LBC Security Service: Reassuring proximity with professional distance

It may sound like a contradiction, but that is exactly how to recognise the qualities of a pro:

  • Polite, discreet, unobtrusive, practically invisible with respect to you. A glass bastion against the dangers or intrusiveness that threaten you from your surroundings or the public. A friendly helper, if ever one is urgently desired.
  • Dominant, confident, quick, professional, tough in the face of uncertainties and adversaries.
  • Excellently qualified, top fit, highly concentrated and vigilant during every single second of service.

Close enough to give you security. Distant enough to yield professionally to you at your service.

Personal protection specialist / Bodyguard

Whatever the reason for your wish and however you wish to call your hired guard: for an escort or VIP care, we would be pleased to lend you the services of our experienced security force.

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