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Waiting is a thing of the past – today there is Wunderwald

A tiring flight. A rough landing. Sitting on the tarmac. Waiting at baggage claim. Searching for the exit. Hailing a cab. Disappearing in Berlin.

Does all that sound familiar? This is the way your visit to our city could begin. But it doesn't have to be that way if you use our shuttle transfer. Because we will personally welcome you at the gate, retrieve your luggage, escort you to your waiting limousine and chauffeur you promptly to your destination. Relaxing, safe, clean, reliable.

Don't lose sight of your destination – we'll worry about getting you there

Whether for tour groups or individual travellers, by bus or limousine, on city tours or airport transfers in Berlin: we make your one-way trips worry-free, providing the best service. Those who know the city and its little vagaries can certainly appreciate that promise.

So, use our transfer service as the direct link in your trip planning between the gate, platform, hotel lobby and your diverse business or event-related appointments. Freely, flexibly and independently. According to your personal needs – and always on time at the agreed meeting point.

Relax – we are all yours

  • Individual travellers or tour groups
  • Bus or limousine with chauffeur
  • Berlin airport transfers
  • City transfers
  • Long distance transfers
  • Welcoming service (right at the gate)
  • On-board service (drinks, snacks, reading material)
  • Luggage service
Transfer Service Berlin
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Short & diverse: Your ways to Wunderwald

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9am to 7pm

The Wunderwald Team
wish you a nice trip in Berlin!